January 7, 2015

New OSHA Reporting Requirements


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration updated its recordkeeping and reporting rules, with new requirements effective Jan. 1.

According to the new rules, employers will have to report the following to OSHA:

  • All work-related fatalities
  • All work-related inpatient hospitalizations of one or more employees
  • All work-related amputations
  • All work-related losses of an eye

The rules are stricter than the previous regulations, which required employers to notify OSHA in the event of the following:

  • All work-related fatalities
  • Work-related hospitalizations of three or more employees

Read the complete OSHA Fact Sheet about the new rules.



The Topfer Theatre at ZACH

Austin, Texas

Contract glazier: Florida Glass of Tampa Bay Inc.
Glass fabricator: Bendheim Wall Systems

The new Topfer Theatre in Austin, Texas, is the latest addition to ZACH Theatre, the oldest continuously operating theatre in Texas and one of 10 original resident theatre companies in America. Named after former Dell executive Mort Topfer and his wife Bobbi, the 26,000-square-foot, $22 million building accommodates 427 spectators. The Topfer Theatre is LEED Silver-certified thanks, in part, to its high-performance channel glass envelope, and is a winner of 2014 AIA Austin Design Award for commercial new construction. 

The players: Architect, Andersson-Wise Architects; general contractor, JE Dunn Construction; glass manufacturer, Bendheim Wall Systems; contract glazier, Florida Glass of Tampa Bay Inc.

The glass and systems: The two-story Topfer Theatre lobby features more than 4,000 square feet of eye-catching Bendheim Wall Systems’ channel glass architectural “curtains” and draws visitors to the front of the building, Bendheim reports. The company supplied 504 Rough Cast channel glass with Azur coating, which tints the glass a subtle blue-gray and enhances its thermal characteristics. Additionally, Bendheim combined annealed and tempered, heat soak tested channel glass for this project.




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